Makeup Artists of Atlanta is a list of Makeup Artists serving the metro Atlanta area who specialize in Media and/or Bridal Makeup.

If you are looking for a makeup artist that specializes in

Makeup for Video Production,
Makeup for Television & HDTV (Hi-Definition),
Makeup for Commercial / Print Advertising,
Makeup for Magazines, Fashion & Editorial Shoots,
Makeup for Model Tests (Portfolio Shoots),
Makeup for Weddings, Proms, & Other Special Occasions

We feel confident that you will find just the Makeup Artist you need from this list of professional, freelance Makeup Artists serving the Atlanta area and all of north Georgia.

And, if you need multiple makeup artists for a larger event feel free to click here to email our coordinator direct and
we can put together a hair and makeup team to serve your needs. We look forward to serving you.

A-List Artists:

Our A-List consist of makeup artists with a minimum of two full years experience but most of these artists have much more; many of our Makeup Artists have over ten years and some have more than twenty years experience working as freelance makeup artists for either media makeup or wedding makeup. Simply click on the artist's banner below to visit that artist's website.

Diane Homer (404) 326-8791

Kat Pfender (770) 365-2855

Venivia Arnold ( 678) 801-6084

Candace Collier (678) 644-9227

Gisehel Chavez (678) 717-7637

Cari England (678) 897-7814

Dhyana Renee (504) 495-1390

Michele Honore (678) 858-5246

Ayasha Sydelle (770) 875-1662

Terae DeWitt (404) 271-2474

Michelle Borden (404) 384-9143

Paula Molinari (404) 399-9618

Eva Jane Bunkley (404) 607-7060

Natalie Hayes (404) 889-4845

Katia Mielli (678) 602-9365

Carime Randolph (404) 409-1214

Kimberly Crocker (770) 630-8599

Julia Tinhan (770) 377-8703

Zoya Changani (770) 407-9310

Jacque Carder (404) 234-3667

Natalie Fenton (678) 732-4707

Shawn Hay (404) 394-9768

Kathryn Yearwood (706) 244-0050

Sarah Biggers (404) 518-8460

Kay Leanna (770) 940-0113

Malekia Chandler (404) 482-1682

Janeen Michelle (470) 213-4051

Steph Scott (678) 770-1883

Kim Kelley (404) 702-9844

Sona Martinez (678) 863-9348

Patrice G. Coleman (404) 559-8929

Valerie (678) 431-8066

New Makeup Artists:

These new Makeup Artists have completed The Complete Media Makeup Course at Atlanta Makeup Academy within the past year and are well on their way, currently working on their websites, resumes, and portfolios. While already receiving paying assignments, many of these are still doing free tests as well for the purpose of building their portfolios. Click on link to view their website so far:

Carolina Salcedo ( 404) 514-4414

Ally Nicole (770) 354-7693

Andria Lynn (770) 689-9667

Kelly Chandler (706) 207-2379

Linda Kaye (651) 235-7643

Karlie Celeste (678) 571-3020

Kelley Louise (770) 617-3218

Sarah Ledbetter (256) 596-0475

Lois Diane (404) 966-0330

Katie Tatum (678) 294-6122

Assistant Makeup Artists:

These are brand new makeup artists that are willing to assists our A-List Artists and have completed our "Art of Assisting" workshop or at least one course that included proper set etiquette of assisting at Atlanta Makeup Academy within the past six months.

Gaby Guerra (571) 345-4311
Kathleen Seconder (770) 595-5756
Jamie Brooke (678) 379-8878
Linnette Williamson (706) 201-6370
Diana Fagan (404) 625-7951
Lilian Ramirez (912) 309-2344
Kripa Bhatt (404) 388-0571
Juliet Jones (404) 908-4319
Allison Cowart (770) 354-7693
Carolina Salcedo (404) 514-4414
Amy Clark (404) 867-2607
Rakia Womble (734) 301-7531
Ariana Lugo (770) 318-0660
Taylor Howell (404) 747-2549
Paige Bradley (770) 896-4438
Wanda Trinidad (678) 538-8992
Alexandra Libretto (404) 218-6579
Wendy Zuniga (678) 472-2364
Jessica Echavarria Ponce (864) 909-7462
Daniela Rodriguez (678) 629-9988
Jasmine Jackson (770) 596-7702
Megan McCarley (706) 766-0152
Enedina Sandoval (678) 464-6584
Ariel Wright (678) 477-2880
Melissa Peden (801) 669-6834
Katty Diaz (404) 786-0019

It is our understanding that you do not have to be licensed to work as a Freelance Makeup Artist. In 2006, a small portion of wording was deleted and the following wording was added to the law "Such term shall not apply to a person whose activities are limited to the application of cosmetics which are marketed to individuals and are readily commercially available to consumers." Visit SOS website to read complete law. However, we are aware that there are many clients (production companies and television stations, and of course all salons and spas, etc...) that do have the requirement of being licensed (as a Cosmetologist or as an Esthetician) as part of their policies for those working as their makeup artist(s). Most of these makeup artists listed above are licensed Cosmetologists or Estheticians specializing in makeup applications for print, commercial, weddings, beauty, formal events, makeup lessons, fashion shoots, models' portfolios, fashion shows, proms, pageants, and other special occasions. If you are a client who requires the license then it is up to you to ask. You may then also click here to visit Georgia Secretary of State Website to Verify their License.

Disclaimer: We provide the above names and website listing as a free service to our clients. If you, the client, hire a makeup artist from this list it is your responsibility to check their license, credentials, or anything else required to meet your standards or requirements.