We are excited that you have shown an interest in becoming a member of Makeup Artists of Atlanta. Please read the policies below before making a purchase or joining our organization.

Our Makeup Artists Socials and Pro Industry Events are for Members Only: Please follow instructions to become a member prior to purchasing a ticket to one of our events.

Non-Transferable: When purchasing your ticket to our quarterly social be sure to use your own name, email address and cell phone number within your PayPal account since the purchaser is who the ticket will be issued to and the tickets are non-transferable and limited to one ticket per name. If you are unable to make purchase in your own name then please use the "pay at door" option below. You will be emailed a receipt which you will print out and use as your ticket at the door to enter social event. Names are checked off list when receipt presented at the door for entry; only one entry per name can be used. Please do not purchase a ticket to our social for anyone other than yourself - tickets are non-transferable and limited to only one entry granted per purchase in the name of the purchaser only. No more exceptions. If you purchase multiple quantities - you will be issued only ONE entry into the social and anything you pay over the cost of one ticket will be accepted as a donation. Again, If you are unable to make purchase in your own name then please use the "pay at door" option below. Thank you.

No Refunds: Ticket purchases are non-refundable whether you attend the social you purchased a ticket to or not. Donations for Annual Listings are non-refundable even if you choose to cancel your listing prior to the expiration date.

Pay-at-Door Option: If you are unable to make purchase in your own name then please use the "pay at door" option instead. Click here to email us for the form that you MUST present along with your cash payment when paying at door. No entry without this form. Please understand that you must RSVP by requesting this form before the same deadline as ticket purchaser's RSVP.

Privacy Policy: Your contact information (name, phone, email) is shared ONLY with our sponsors (for the sole purpose of sharing industry related information); or with a potential client looking to hire a Makeup Artist for makeup and/or hair services here in Atlanta.

Promoting Outside Events, Classes or Products: Makeup Artists of Atlanta is owned and operated by Kimberly Crocker. We offer the opportunity for others to promote their events and products through our Makeup Artists Socials and monthly newsletters by invitation only. Please do NOT use our list of members, and do not use our social events to promote your events, classes, or products unless you have received an invitation or approval to do so from the owner of Makeup Artists of Atlanta. A-List is for professional makeup artists promoting themselves as a Freelance Makeup Artist (with only approved additional servicse falling under aesthetics and cosmetology license). Websites promoting additional services (including but not limited to makeup classes, events, products, or services not related to makeup, skin, hair) are not eligible for our A-List. A Member found in violation of this policy will have his/her membership revoked immediately without refund of any payments made.

Right to Remove: Kat Pfender, owner of this website, reserves the right to remove any member from referral list (no matter what payments they’ve made) if she no longer feels confident in recommending that artist to a client for any reason whatsoever.